Fees & Legal Aid

The Maciver Teale Law Practice approach to fees is straightforward and open.

Often the prospect of instructing a solicitor is hindered by the possible expense.

We are always clear about potential costs and will tell you at the outset how much our services will cost.

We appreciate that keeping your costs to a minimum will be a real concern for you and in many situations we can offer you a fixed price fee.

We offer a range of options to manage your legal costs and we are flexible as to your funding needs. We will tailor a budget to fit your particular circumstances and, where legal aid is available, we will let you know at your first meeting.

Legal Aid

Legal action is often necessary to protect a client’s interests.

Sometimes paying privately is simply not an option, in which case we are pleased to be able to offer Legal Aid.

Legal Aid is available for a wide range of circumstances including guardianship applications, separation and divorce, criminal matters, child disputes and interdicts.

If you qualify for Legal Aid, we will tell you at your first meeting.

Our practice is registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board to provide Legal Aid and Legal Advice and Assistance through the Scottish Legal Aid Scheme.